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Carpet Repair Dallas,  Carpet Stretching Service

Homeowners and business owners usually buy carpets thinking that they will use them for many years. This is logical because most carpets are built to last. If a homeowner takes good care along with proper maintenance, the carpets will probably be durable. However, sometimes even when you are careful, accidents can happen. Stains and spills can usually be removed easily with carpet cleaning services, but there are some other damages that might require professional Carpet Repair, Carpet Stretching services like the ones provided by Ultra Clean, LLC.

At Ultra Clean, LLC we are prepared to solve minor and major damages on your carpet regardless of the source. So, Our professional services will help you keep your precious carpet in good shape and enhance its durability. Holes, wrinkles, and burns are some of the things that we can fix without any problems.

Some Information

Why carpet will need to be re-stretched

Carpet that is installed properly will only need to be re-stretched 1 -2 times in its life time. Here are a few reasons why carpet will need to be re-stretched.

  1. Improper Installation: Carpet that is installed improperly will need to be stretched within 3 years
  2. Loose Tact Strips: This sometimes happens when installed in concrete slab
  3. Damaged Tact Strips: Usually happens from water damage
  4. Carpet Loosened From Tact Strip: Tack Strips need to be installed 1/4 inch from the wall
  5. Carpet Was Pulled Back: Usually happens when a service provider is trying to hide wires or for some other reason

When to consider re-stretching carpet

All carpet repairs and re-stretching are to be quoted onsite. A few examples to take into consideration when re-stretching carpet.

  1. Damaged Tact Strip Replacement
  2. Tact Strips Became Loose
  3. Tact Strips Improperly Installed
  4. Size Of The Room
  5. Amount Of Furniture In The Room
  6. Pad Replacement
  7. Seams To Be Cut And Repaired To Re-Stretch Carpet

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Why you would need carpet repairs

Carpet Re-stretching isn’t the only thing we are professionals at. We are experts a Carpet repair. Here are a few examples to why you would need carpet repairs.

  1. Holes
  2. Burns
  3. Tears
  4. Seam Repairs
  5. Permanent Stains

So, We can cut out the damaged carpet and use extra carpet you may have stored away or we can cut a piece of carpet from a closet. Solely up to you on how you want use to proceed. In situations like this, instead of throwing away your carpet and buying a new one call Ultra Clean Floor Care. Our carpet experts are trained, skilled, experienced and qualified in this field. With all the efficient and modern tools we have, we can stretch and repair almost any carpet at a price that is way lower than the price you will have to pay for a new carpet. Ultra Clean Floor Care is one of the leaders in Dallas when it comes to these services, we encourage you to try these services if your in need of Carpet Repair, Carpet Stretching. View Our Carpet Cleaning Packages!

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