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Why Epoxy Countertops Are Gaining In Popularity

When it comes to kitchen countertops there are a lot of options available. There are also a lot of factors to consider like cost, durability, UV resistance, scratch resistance, heat resistance, food safety, ease of installation, and ease of repair, just to get started. Epoxy countertops are one of the top performers in most categories and are now gaining in popularity as well. Here are some of their main benefits and how they are installed.

What Exactly Is Epoxy Anyway?

Epoxy is a very durable type of hard plastic that is made on the spot by mixing a resin and hardener. The epoxy is then poured out and spread evenly and allowed to set. This is different than drying, although the epoxy does have a small amount of volatile chemicals in it. Epoxy sets chemically in a certain length of time. The longer you wait the harder it gets for several days or even a week.

Some of the advantages of epoxy is that it tends to hold its color very well for years, even in direct sunlight. That makes it excellent for backyard outside kitchen countertops as well as inside. Plus, even though it’s very hard and durable when it does get scratched, it’s easily repairable.

In most cases, all that has to be done to repair a scratch or nick is to use light sandpaper to sand out the blemish. Then you can take a polishing compound to get the shine back on the surface. The smooth quality of the epoxy finish makes it easy to clean and there are no seams, grout lines, or other built-in dirt collectors that have to constantly be scrubbed.

This smoothness is also important for a healthy, germ-free, countertop that doesn’t hide germs below its surface or in seams and grout lines. Epoxy is also great for heat resistance, but you can’t set a super hot skillet directly off the stove on it. However, most other hot pans and dishes are not a problem up to about 150 F. However, if you’re going to be putting super hot pans on it all the time, you can get special epoxy that is made to withstand heat up to 600 F.

Epoxy Is Also Highly Chemical Resistant

This can be a factor if you’re putting a countertop in a laboratory, fish cleaning station, commercial kitchen, or other high use application. You can safely clean epoxy with strong chemicals like bleach, ammonia, and many solvents without a problem.

If you’re going to do a lot of chopping, cleaning, or other hard uses, epoxy is made just for that type of abuse.

Epoxy Countertops Are Worth The Extra Cost

While you’ll pay more than a cheap laminate or plastic countertop, the epoxy is much thicker and stronger. If the countertops are custom made at another location and then brought in for the final fit, that’s the most expensive way to buy them.

Plus, you should also factor in how hard you’re going to use the counter and if the other options available will stand up to the abuse you have in mind. If the thinner plastics and laminates are going to have to be replaced every few years, the cost of labor alone can more than pay for the one-time installation of an epoxy resin countertop.

Best Way To Care For Your Epoxy Countertop

As with any countertop, it’s always far better to wipe up a spill or mess immediately with a damp cloth. That way you avoid the problems that arise when spills dry hard. However, many spills, no matter how long they dry have a hard time sticking to epoxy. That makes most cleanups fairly easy with a damp sponge or rag only.

You can also use a spray cleaner like glass cleaner to get a spotless and shiny, streak-free cleanliness. If your countertop has started to look dull, you can wipe a very thin coating of mineral oil on it and then buff it with a dry towel.

Strongman program in the weight room metilver 100 tabs 25mgtab telecharger bodybuilding training video – torrent.If there is a stain that seems to be deeper than the surface, then you might have to use acetone, like what comes in nail polish remover.

Overall, epoxy countertops are strong, durable, stay looking nice for years, can take the heat, chemicals, can be repaired, and look fantastic for many years. You’ll pay a little more than some types of surfaces but you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful countertop that doesn’t need much maintenance and won’t need replacing for a good, long, time.