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Tile & Grout FAQ

Q: Do you come out and give onsite proposals?
A: Yes, we give free onsite proposals within a 10 mile radius of our place of business or if their is a technician in your area that day. 
Q: How long does it take to clean my tile and grout floors?
A: Depends on the size of the area being cleaned. Most homes average 4 to 6 hours. 
Q: How often should tile and grout be cleaned?
A: As needed. Once we clean and seal grout lines, typically a sealer will last 3-5 years with proper maintenance.
Q: Do you clean shower tile and grout also?
A: Yes
Q: How much do you charge for tile and grout cleaning typically?
A: Depends on the size of the job and what promotions are running that month.
Q: Do you seal tile and grout as well when you clean my floors?
A: Most homeowners have us seal their grout after cleaning. Sealing helps protect your investment on your like new floors after cleaned.
Q: There is a grout haze on my tile floors. Can you remove this?
A: Yes
Q: Will my grout come clean?
A: We can get homes about 95 – 98% perfect. Most homes 100%.
Q: What would cause my grout not to clean up perfectly?
A: Grout sometimes has irregularities from installs. Most of the time it is cause from certain spills such has red wine, koolaid, tea, coffee, cooking grease, and urine. If your grout has absorbed these examples given. We can typically greatly lighten them up, sometimes completely remove, just depends how deep in the grout the spill absorbed 
Q: Will sealer prevent these liquids (above) from being absorbed?
A: Great question! Yes and No. Yes the sealer will protect the grout, except/for long from acidic base food, drink spills or urine. The acid in these will break down the sealer at a fast rate. The lower the PH the faster the sealer will be broke down.