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Epoxy Countertop Cleaning Guide

Deeper Stains

If there is a stain that seems to be deeper than the surface, then you might have to use acetone, like what comes in nail polish remover. Use a cloth with the acetone and rub the discolored area till gone.

Epoxy Countertop Yellowing

It is natural for white, clear, and light epoxy colors surfaces to yellow over time.  This can be accelerated by sunlight and is natural.  Sure it might look pretty for white colors, but the truth is that lighter colors will yellow over the years.   It is part of the chemical process.  If you want to get rid of it, do a darker color next time.   Or you can redo the countertop and you can coat the epoxy countertop resin with a polyurethane that has “UV protection” as a way to prevent yellowing from the UV rays that turn the resin a shade of yellow.  There is no 100% to prevent the yellowing of the epoxy unfortunately.

Not only does UV rays cause yellowing, so does oxygen as part of the chemical process.   Best way is to go with a darker shade and have it look good long term without the yellowing of lighter colors.

Overall, epoxy countertops are strong, durable, stay looking nice for years, can take the heat, chemicals, can be repaired, and look fantastic for many years. You’ll pay a little more than some types of surfaces but you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful countertop that doesn’t need much maintenance and won’t need replacing for a good, long, time.