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Tile cleaning Carrollton, Texas

Lets face it who really wants to clean tile for an hour or so, just to feel that it doesn’t look clean at at all? It’s obvious, that no one does. So we are going to give you a few tips today on understanding tile cleaning that will help you through your day to day deep cleanings.

tile cleaning carrollton

Tip 1: Use A Groutbrush

When it comes to tile cleaning, the main problem is getting into the grout lines. When using a broom or mop to clean with the grout lines are often missed, causing the grout lines to build up with dirt and look gross, when this happens use a grout brush. Spray a little bit of cleaner and go to work scrubbing. A grout brush is a perfect match for those thin grout lines. Honestly it doesn’t take as long as you would assume.

Tip 2: Sweep First, Always

If your mop before you sweep, all of that dirt and grime on your floor will just be pushed around, and more than likely end up in your grout lines. No one wants dirty grout lines. Never mop before sweeping. It only takes a minute to sweep,So do yourself a favor and take the time to get in a good sweep before tile cleaning.

Tip 3: Soak Up Excess Water

Excess mop water can soak in your grout lines, causing them to look dirty again. This happens because your grout lines are very porous. It can also cause them to stink.  Once you have mopped over your tiles, dry them quickly  This can be as easy as throwing a couple of towels in the floor and sliding them over each tile with your feet. It doesn’t have to be totally dry, just dry enough so that it can speed up drying on its own. If you have a small fan, this can be used as your last step to ensure the fastest dry time.

Tip 4: Clean It Just Before Bed

Doing your tile cleaning before bed, is truly the best time to clean your tile yourself. Gives it overnight to completely dry without telling the children, pets, or other adults to stay off the tile until it dries. This is an especially useful tip for anyone with children because we know just how hard it can be to keep them off the floor until it’s dry.

These was some tips for tile cleaning Carrollton. We hope that you found this tips to be helpful. If you need any more advice, have any further questions, or would like to ask about our professional tile cleaning services, please contact us at Ultra Clean, LLC at (214) 998-3715. We look forward to your call! Remember, we service tile cleaning Carrollton, Texas.